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Enterprise Wi-Fi Security.

Netcube’s SmartMobilizer Wi-Fi security solution can help enterprises to maintain Wi-Fi networks highly secure based on their complicated internal policy. Every process of device and user is done Self-Serviced manner and there’s no intervention of IT administration staffs required during the process. All the IT team needs to do is to let SmartMobilizer know what your security policy is and sit back and monitor audit logs and detail information automatically collected and organized. SmartMobilizer identifies legitimated users, allows them to register their devices on corporate Wi-Fi by themselves and authenticate when they actually tries to access corporate Wi-Fi. All of Wi-Fi communication channels are encrypted with enterprise level encryption, which guarantees that your wireless LAN is as private as your wired LAN, leaving only security concern left is watching back your gateway again.

SmartMobilizer Wi-Fi security solution can be integrated into your corporate networks either by on-premise style or cloud based service. SmartMobilizer is designed to work with industry’s most popular network equipments seamlessly by fulfilling international standards like IEEE802.1X, RADIUS, WPA, WPA2 and many others. Popular Android, iOS base smartphones as well as Windows, Mac OS based laptops are welcomed to the famous SmartMobilizer Self-Serviced security portal based on Netcube’s proprietary technology resulting from more than 10 years of research and development.

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Hotspot NextGen.

Netcube’s SmartMobilizer Public Wi-Fi solution introduces new generation of hotspot service, which adds core elements to maintain public hotspot networks highly secure as well as highly usable.

The Every process of device and user registration is done Self-Serviced manner and there’s no intervention of administration staffs required during the process.

Unlike other conventional public hotspots, the Hotspot NextGen networks secured by SmartMobilizer Public Wi-Fi solution provide users enterprise level privacy on air interface. At the same time, the Hotspot NextGen provides powerful business platform that operators utilizes for various of business models including advertisement, contents delivery, web portal, etc. This security guaranteed Hotspot NextGen networks will add additional value integrating with IoT, big data and other smart city services that no other hotspot services has been capable before.

SmartMobilizer enables Hotspot NextGen from as small as local coffee shop to nation wide public Wi-Fi service either by on-premise style or cloud based service. Upgrading to Hotspot NextGen from existing simple public Wi-Fi service is also possible since SmartMobilizer is designed to work with industry’s most popular hotspot Wi-Fi equipments seamlessly. Most of popular user devices such as Android and iOS base smartphones as well as Windows and Mac OS based laptops are completely compatible with the famous SmartMobilizer Self-Serviced security portal based on Netcube’s proprietary technology resulting from more than 10 years of research and development.



Unified LAN Authentication.

Our main goal for enterprise Wi-Fi security is to provide privacy of wireless LAN to the level of wired LAN. And that’s what SmartMobilizer Wi-Fi security solution does well. But at the same time, ability of sophisticated security policy control and visibility of SmartMobilizer can increase manageability of corporate wired LAN too.

Modern networking technology like SDN (Software Defined Network) gives great flexibility in configuring complicated security profiles. And it is SmartMobilizer’s role to bring intelligence into SD based corporate LAN. With the help of SmartMobilizer Unified LAN Authentication solutions, increasing number of our clients have been constructing wired and wireless LAN with same security policy and same level of manageability as well as same level of privacy.

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Networking Asset Visibility.

One of network administrator’s long-time unsolved goal is to visualize entire networking assets and identify each user who is in charge of each asset. As an example, if there’s a vulnerability found for a specific asset from administrator’s NMS screen, it was always not easy to find out right person to ask update security vulnerability for the specific asset. And it is was never easy to locate physical location of each asset. There has been various trials to solve this goal in this industry however, no reasonably working solution was introduced or accepted so far.

SmartMobilizer Asset Manager finally solved this long-time problem. SmartMobilizer Asset Manager provide easy and cost effective way for network administrators to track real person who’s in charge of each asset and locate them physically. The key and success factor of this solution is freshness of the information that the tool shows. SmartMobilizer Asset Manager guarantees information of each asset is up to date and any change is updated realtime with almost zero-intervention of administrators during maintaining of the information.

Netcube Technologies helps clients to maintain networking resources efficiently in various industries ranging from R&D center, manufacturing facilities, hospitals and telecom service provider.


Since 2003, Netcube Technologies has been helping industries to keep their Wi-Fi networks safer and maintain privacy level of Wi-Fi as high as wired networks. And we’re proudly helping our clients with our industry’s mobility management solutions as devices on Wi-Fi networks become more mobile and versatile.

  • On-premise Wi-Fi security – secures Wi-Fi of enterprises out of box
  • Cloud-based Wi-Fi security – turns your Wi-Fi enterprise level security instantly without initial investment
  • Unified authentication – integrates Wi-Fi and wired LAN authentication
  • Hotspot security – keeps public Wi-Fi networks secure

  • Networking asset manager – keeps your networking assets secure and visible
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How secure is your Wi-Fi?

Unlike other physically contacted network media, Wi-Fi media is on radio frequency channel, meaning that attacker may access your local network even hundreds of feet away from your property and there's no physical trace left if someone sneaked into it.

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Netcube Technologies

Since 2003, Netcube Technologies, Inc. has been helping enterprises to secure Wi-Fi and wired LAN networks and to manage networking assets including mobile devices. Netcube’s SmartMobilizer solution is recognized as industry’s one of the most effective Wi-Fi security tool by its patented self-serviced security portal technology.



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