How secure is your Wi-Fi?

How secure is your Wi-Fi?

Why Wi-Fi can be a weakness of enterprise networks?

Wi-Fi is inevitable in modern smart work environment. However invisibility of wireless communication media can put corporations and individuals into great risk of leaking private information unless carefully and securely managed. Wi-Fi, in other words, wireless LAN is communication media that users use for direct access into LAN i.e. local network. This is why we can’t secure corporate Wi-Fi with legacy gateway watch style security solutions that monitor and prevent threat at the gateway between local network and outside network.

If attacker can break into your corporate Wi-Fi, it means he or she sits in the middle of your local network where all desktops, servers, laptops and smartphones are visible. Moreover unfortunately, unlike other physically contacted network media, Wi-Fi media is on radio frequency channel, meaning that attacker may access your local network even hundreds of feet away from your property and there’s no physical trace left if someone sneaked into it.

There are few options to secure enterprise Wi-Fi networks by its own standards. The first option is to set a password at Wi-Fi AP (Access Point) and share that password with your colleagues whoever needs to access that Wi-Fi networks. This option is called WPA-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access/Pre-Shared Key) method. When your users are not big team and if you can maintain the password long and complicated enough and strictly secret only between the team members, you may be okay in a certain level. However if you need to share the password with big group of team members, sometimes with guests and maybe with former employees, you have to consider also risk that you’re sharing your “local network” with a number of unauthorized people.

The second option is to use more systematic scheme called WPA-Enterprise. With WPA-Enterprise, there’s no pre-shared password required anymore. Instead, an authentication server identifies and authenticates individual Wi-Fi user and grant their access. For this, all users’ devices need to be correctly configured with valid digital certificates and/or individual accounts and administrator needs to maintain list of valid users into authentication server.

What is your enterprise Wi-Fi policy?

Enterprise Wi-Fi needs careful concern in security. Otherwise whole internal networks of corporation can be at risk. Traditional gateway style security solutions like VPN, firewall, IPS, IDS and UTM can’t help securing your corporate Wi-Fi. In order to maintain your corporate Wi-Fi secure, it is important to understand Wi-Fi is corporate internal LAN itself and protect them adequately.

First, you should setup your security policy on your enterprise Wi-Fi networks. Will you allow all of employees’ smartphones to join corporation network? Or will you allow only certain group of employees to access your corporate network with limited types of devices? What about guests? How much information do you need to collect on each user and devices for security auditing?

Once all of these questions are carefully answered, then rest of the works belongs to Netcube SmartMobilizer Wi-Fi security solution, the industry’s most advanced self-serviced Wi-Fi security manager.

  • Who can access your Wi-Fi?
  • How many Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS devices are allowed for each user?

  • Where each user or group is allowed to access your Wi-Fi?

  • Which VLAN networks each user or group should be connected to?

  • Do you allow guests to access your Wi-Fi?

Wireless LAN can be as secure as Wired LAN, without a headache.

Netcube’s SmartMobilizer Wi-Fi security solution can help enterprises to maintain Wi-Fi networks highly secure based on their complicated internal policy. Every process of device and user is done Self-Serviced manner and there’s no intervention of IT administration staffs required during the process. All the IT team needs to do is to let SmartMobilizer know what your security policy is and sit back and monitor audit logs and detail information automatically collected and organized. SmartMobilizer identifies legitimated users, allows them to register their devices on corporate Wi-Fi by themselves and authenticate when they actually tries to access corporate Wi-Fi. All of Wi-Fi communication channels are encrypted with enterprise level encryption, which guarantees that your wireless LAN is as private as your wired LAN, leaving only security concern left is watching back your gateway again.

SmartMobilizer Wi-Fi security solution can be integrated into your corporate networks either by on-premise style or cloud based service. SmartMobilizer is designed to work with industry’s most popular network equipments seamlessly by fulfilling international standards like IEEE802.1X, RADIUS, WPA, WPA2 and many others. Popular Android, iOS base smartphones as well as Windows, Mac OS based laptops are welcomed to the famous SmartMobilizer Self-Serviced security portal based on Netcube’s proprietary technology resulting from more than 10 years of research and development.

Netcube Technologies, Inc. has been helping enterprises to secure Wi-Fi and wired LAN access, manage mobile devices and visualize networking assets. Netcube’s SmartMobilizer solutions is recognized as industry’s one of the best and easiest Wi-Fi security tool by its patented self-serviced security portal technology.

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Since 2003, Netcube Technologies, Inc. has been helping enterprises to secure Wi-Fi and wired LAN networks and to manage networking assets including mobile devices. Netcube’s SmartMobilizer solution is recognized as industry’s one of the most effective Wi-Fi security tool by its patented self-serviced security portal technology.



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